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Why We're Here...

At Organic Mushroom Supplies, we believe in the power of mushrooms in every home. We’re here to spread the word, educate & build a community of mycologists & mushroom lovers alike. With the goal to inspire, innovate & change the way we see these fascinating & essential organisms.


With more than 20 years of combined experience, our UK team has been working on some of the most creative cultivation methods. Sourcing some of the most innovative & intuitive products from all over the world. Revolutionising how we all grow, taste & experience mushrooms at home. 

We provide educational & practical learning services with the goal of creating understanding & developing passion. Our one stop mushroom shop holds a wide range of exclusive products, from grow kits, to edible gourmet mushrooms & organic liquid cultures. 

Through providing wholesale opportunities, community & education, we hope to revolutionise a new wave of mushroom culture, working towards a wider use & appreciation for Fungi. 

Join our journey & become part of the community today.

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