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  • The double skinned stress resistant storage box design allows for the heat mat and wiring system to be kept dry and isolated away from your Mushroom Growing Project. The included temperature probe has been positioned for you already and don't worry, the temp probe is inside the base void also so there is no chance of electrical system failure.

    We have added ventilation holes for you in the side walls. The vent holes can either be left open or closed with micropore tape or polyfill cushion stuffing. Blocking or partially blocking the air holes with breathable filter material will decrease the amount airflow through the box. The vent holes are melted through the plastic walls and this seals the unit together at the same time. Melted holes are much less likely to crack than drilled holes as the plastic is not removed with melting. Rather forming a re-enforcing ring around the melted vent hole.

    All you need to do is remove the protective Uk Plug cover to Plug and Play. Simple.

    Perfect for.....


    Agar dishes.

    Liquid Culture Jars-24 x 500ml or12 x 1000ml.

    MycoTub-12 x 1200ml grain tubs stacked two high.

    MycoPots-24 x 510ml jars or 12 x 1000ml jars.

    Inject and forget bags-5x2lbs or 2-3x4lbs bags.

    Brown Rice flour and Grain bags-12 x 1lbs.


    MycoTubs-6 x 1200ml tubs

    MycoPots-12x 500-800ml pots

    Inject and Forget Bags-5x2lbs or 2-3x4lbs bags.

    6Lbs Hpoo cakes x2

    MonoTub- 3lbs spawn and 3lbs bulk.

    The Growbuddie60 is fully stackable with each box-set able to support 36kg in vertical weight. Feel free to add up to 6kg of projects to each box and stack 6 high knowing you will still be under 200cm in total height.

    I understand that space in usually restricted for most mycologist and even the largest hobby space gets fill rather quickly.

    Being able to stack your incubation and fruiting boxes like this will allow you to use your space most efficiently.

    The upwards motion of the heat will also mean that some heat mats may not even need to come on as the box is being warmed by the box below.

    How to reset the thermostat.

    We have set the thermostat for at 26-27c.

    If you would like to change the temperature or reset the thermostat please follow on.....
    1 Hold down the left arrow for 3 seconds or until it flashes. You may now use the up and down arrow to change this temp to 26c (ON temp).

    Leave the thermostat for 5 seconds to set.

    2 Hold down the right arrow for 3 seconds or until it flashes. You may now use the up and down arrow to change this temp to 27c (OFF temp)

    Leave the thermostat for 5 seconds to set.
    Thermostat will now maintain a base temp of 26-27c with an over run to 28.7c.

    Substrate temp will be about 24-25c.

    Air inside the bag will be at 23-24c.

    All the best


    The GroBuddie60

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