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  • Moisture Absorber-Yellow SELF INDICATING - Silica Gel Desiccant Sachets & Oxygen Eaters-

    Silica Gel Desiccant:

    Is your harvest not 100% dry? Even after 36hrs in a dehydrator at 30c. Just pop 1 or 2 of these Moisture absorbing sachets into your storage bag or container for easy dry storage.

    Self-Indicating Yellow Silica Gels are safe with anything but is better with food as you can see exactly how fresh it is and will change colour when used.

    The silica gel is contained in a clear plastic bag. With microscopic holes to let the moisture slowly through. The silica gel will indicate moisture is present when the yellow beads turn green.

    PLEASE NOTE - These are silica gel and not desiccant clay. Silica gel is a desiccant - it adsorbs and holds water vapour.

    Self-Indicating Yellow Silica Gels are safe with anything but is better with food as you can see exactly how fresh it is and will change colour when used.

    The gels come packed in air tight bags for a long shelf life.

    Printed on each sachet :- DESICCANT SILICA Do not eat!

    This product is NOT a toy & is potentially life threatening when swallowed.


    Oxygen eaters:

    These 300cc oxygen absorbers ensure freshness, OxyFree is a USA brand and the leading oxygen absorber brand worldwide. All oxygen absorbers we supply are foodgrade so are safe to be in contact with food and of a great quality.

    Oxygen absorbers remove oxygen from the air, when one of these 300cc oxygen absorbers is placed inside a sealed container or bag, the oxygen within the bag is removed. 2 to 3 of these oxygen absorbers are generally needed depending on how dense what you are sealing and how full the container is.

    Actual size of the 300cc absorbers are: 5cm x 7cm

    If you buy in bulk. After opening the pack and using the amount of sachets needed, please close the containing bag as the remaining sachets should be kept in a airtight mason jar, vacuum sealed or the bag they come in heat sealed. This allows you to store the remaining oxygen absorber sachets without having to worry about them being exposed to the oxygen in the air once you have opened the vacuum sealed pack. 


    You will get -

    20 x silica Gel + 10 x Oxygen Eaters

    10x Oxygen Eaters - Silica gel pack

    SKU: SQ7968774
    Excluding VAT

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