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Many Mushroom farmers are not aware of the possibilities of other substrates as an alternative to traditional straws or hay. Sterilisation of straw and its preparation for bed require lots of hard work and skill. These issues led to the development of alternate substrates which required less work and skills for producing good quality mushrooms. Coco Coir is one of such newly invented substrate which made mushroom bed preparation very easy and simple.


Coco Coir is a compressed fibre cake manufactured from coconut fibres. 

I first saw coconuts in the Caribbean but it was a trip to India where I really saw coconuts fibre being used. It is easily available in India especially in Kerala. Where coconuts are part of the staple food. The coir is heated to a sterile temperature in the manufacturing process but please sterilise or pasteurise before use. Just add a calculated amount of water and it will absorb that water and form a suitable substrate for mushroom farming. Bulk substrate preparation using Coco coir is very easy. 


To hydrate:


Please add 2.3l of water to each bring to achieve field capacity.

650g coco coir brick.

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