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  • Re-Usable, Multi use, Open Air Agar Pots. 210ml air Space with 20ml PDA Agar. 

    Every mycologist will eventually learn about the wonders of Agar. With agar you can germinate spores, check for contamination, select & transfer sections for growth selection, cloning existing fruits, store mycelium.

    Cloning those massive fruits & multiplying the tissue samples ready for use is all made possible with Agar work. Perhaps it’s making liquid cultures or liquid inoculants that you would like to try?

    The equipment that is needed to preform these activities normaly includes an expensive Flow Hood, Glove & still air boxes that even Veteran Mycologists can not get 100% contamination free agar plates with.

    So wouldn't it be nice to be able to do all the above in open air. In the field, in your bedroom, fully mobile and contamination free. A petri dish with injection ports for clean transfer of spore material or mycelium. A Filter strip for air flow so the study subject can breath and flourish. Re-usable housing for extra long life.

    You get

    210ml Pp5 pots with re-usable filter lids. (BISPHENOL A FREE) 

    2 Injection ports that are easy to remove and replace to extend life.

    Micron filter strip. Keep dry and clean for extra long life & many uses.

    20ml PDA Blue Smurf Agar. 3-4mm depth and perfectly hydrated for your study choice.

    Uses may include but not limited too:

    Injection of spore or liquid culture to grow tissue culture ready for inoculating spawn directly.

    Identification of possible contamination.

    Transferring core samples with 14g from pot to pot to pot to select the strongest growth.

    Transferring of clean mycelium from pot to pot by 14g needle core sample to eliminate contamination.

    Make liquid inoculant  by injecting the colonised pot with sterile water and shaking to mix. Simply suck the water back out and you have a ready to use liquid inoculant,

    There are so many uses and possibility's for these pots that our team & have had months of fun, testing out a whole new range of Techniques. This is a product that really does open up mycological agar study to any one any where.

    Open Air Agar Pots

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