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  • 25kg sack of Rye Grain also know as Rye Berries for home sterilisation and Mycology work.


    If you would like to make your Own Rye Grain Spawn at home we recommend you use the same grain as we are.


    This Grain is perfect for most Mushroom Types.

    We have been dealing with Doves Farm for a little over 6 years now and have found Doves Farm Rye Grain to be clean and perfect for making Mushroom Spawn. 

    Easily Hydrated and great to work with, Choose Doves Farm Organic Rye Grain. You will be very happy with the Quality of this Rye Grain.


    If you’re finding the sterilisation and hydration process a little daunting, we also sell fully sterilised and hydrated Rye Grain in Ready to inject Mushroom Grow Bags with filter and injection ports. See in store now.

    Rye grain 25kg sack

    SKU: SQ7577885
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