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Individually packed Gammer Irradiated Sterile Scaples. 

Sold as disposable, but can be heat sterilised by flame multiple times for re-use Perfect for slicing and dicing Agar Wedges and any other Lab Work 

  • Sterile disposable scalpels, sealed individually in trays.

  • Features a graduated measure on the reverse of the handle.

  • Individually packaged into transparent tray providing improved visibility and assist in safe passing.

The No.10A blade has a straight cutting edge The No.10A fits Handles 3, 3L, 3 Graduated, 5B, 7, 9, B3 & B3L.


  • Carbon Steel

  • Individual Foil Packs

  • Gammer Irradiated

1x Sterile Surgical Scalpels

SKU: SQ5867190
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