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1000ml is enough Vermiculite to Case : 4 x 1lbs Bags of substrate or a baking tray sized Tray Grow.

You do not need to case bulk substrate in the bag only in tubs and trays.

Supplied in 3x4x18 bags

Ph 7.8

Sterilised Vermiculite casing layer.

To be Added to the top of the Mycelium/cake prior to Fruiting

Why do we add vermiculite to cakes and tubs/trays?

The tiny pieces of vermiculite form small pockets of warm moist micro climates. In these pockets the mycelium will form tiny little pins which will grow into mushrooms. With out the addition of vermiculite the amateur grow will find it hard to create the correct surface condition to form pins leading to tiny harvest.

Vermiculite Bulk

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