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    If you would like to take your Mycology Study to the next level. Then our Laminair Flow hood is the perfect entry level choice. With a massive 48 x 45cm working area, Easy wipe metal panelling and Remote control. You will be able to recycle your old still air box into a mono tub and enjoy contamination free, Master grain jars, Agar plates and Liquid Cultures. You will also be able to make your own spore syringes with this unit.

    A word from the CEO-

    "This was the first Laminair Flow Hood I purchased for my my Lab and its still the one I use the most today. It is Chinese Made but its a very Impressive bit of kit. The Two Speed motor setting is very useful. By increasing the fan speed, it means I am still running the same filter even tho i have made several thousand  syringes in my Hood. 18 month later and test plates are STILL 100% clean" 

    Chuck out that old Still Air Box and upgrade to a beautifully new Laminair Flow Hood.

    Turn the system on using the included remote control. For the first 18 months or until your test plates show contamination. Please use the fan on its lowest speed setting and when needed you may increase to the second speed setting. 

    • After turning the system on. please turn on the Germicidal lamp.

    • Turn on the Germicidal Lamp

    • Allow the Laminair Flow Hood to run for 5 minutes

    • When surfaces and internal air have been cleaned for 5 minutes. Please turn off the Germicidal lamp and turn on the Normal Light Florescent Lamp.

    • Please use the Laminair Flow Hood for your Mycological study.

    • Turn off when Finished


    How does the Laminair Flow Hood Work?

    Air comes into the plenum chamber via the primary air filter at the top and centrifugal fan. Then air is blown out through the high efficiency HEPA air filter at the top of the working area. This high-degree clean vertical air curtain will remove natural air in working area. After five minutes, you will have a perfectly clean environment in which to work. This equipment adopts adjustable fan speed to regulate the air volume thus double the filter life span.

    The workbench uses the infrared remote control.

    A button: fan start (high pressure) after 18months

    B button: fan start (low pressure) first 18months

    C button: lighting

    D button germicidal lamp

    ON / OFF button: Turn on or shut down machine

    Work surface should be placed in a clean environment. If placed in a dusty or damp space the filter life will be dramaticaly shortened. Plug in the 220V AC power and start up.  Before starting, please clean up the working surface and shell to remove the surface dust. After ten minutes, the equipment can be used in normal operation.


    1. According to the actual situation, the primary air filter will be removed to clean and installed after drying. Cleaning cycle is generally 3-6 months. (If the user doesn't clean for a long time, dust will lead to reduce air volume, reducing the clean effect).
    2. In normal operation 18months after the fan speed has been increased to the higher setting or when the HEPA filter shows to be faulty. The HEPA filter must be replaced.


    • Cleanliness: Class 100(Fed 209E)

    • No.of colony: Dish(90) H

    • Air velocity: 0.25-0.45m/s(Adjustable)

    • Noise: <=62dB(A)

    • Half peak vibration: <=0.5Um(x,y,z Direction)

    • Illumination: >=300Lx

    • Power supply: AC 220V/60Hz

    • Maximum power: 200W

    • Weight: 50kg/110lbs

    • Working dimensions: 19"x15"x18"

    • Overall dimension: 25"x19"x33"

    • For persons: Single Side

    • Size&No. of HEPA: 18.8"X18"X1.5"

    • Size &No. of light or UV lamp: 10WX1/10WX1

    • 2 Year Manufacturers warranty

    Vertical Laminair Flow Hood

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