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  • We are proud to present our Globally exclusive Inject and Forget Bags. Invented in the UK. 

    Have you been having trouble growing mushrooms? Do you find all the fanning and misting a hassle or have you been looking at the equipment costs and thinking "I wish".

    You’re not alone. 

    When Most mycologists first start Growing Mushrooms they generally grow more mold than anything else.

    Not anymore. Simply Inject your Inject & Forget bag with spore solution, forget about it until it’s packed with mushrooms. No fanning, No Misting, No equipment & almost no chance of contamination. Just Bags FULL of Mushrooms.

    For the first time in human History a Mushroom Growing System has been created to do just that. 

    Temperature and Timing is important with this system, that's why we strongly recommend the use of a temperature controlled heat mat. Colder temps will lead to reduced yield and longer waiting times.

    With temperatures as stated above you can expect a completely NO FUSS FIRST FLUSH YIELD OF BETWEEN 500-1000g of fresh mushrooms. (Average FIRST FLUSH yield during product testing 723g).

    Check out our Heat Mat & Temperature Controllers. You will need Temps at 26-27degC & a Light source. The light source can be 4500k-6500k. However, standard room lighting or indirect sunlight work great.



    Images provided for informational and educational reference only and are only a representation of the product. intellectual rights reserved. 

    Worlds First Inject and Forget Bags

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